We are New Nomads

The Travel club “New Nomads” is the union of tourists from all parts of Russia, all people who loved travelling in different parts of the Urals, Altai, location nearby lake Baikal and other parts of Siberia and the Earth on the whole. Now we would like to invite our guests from other countries to feel the atmosphere of the magnetic wild nature with our qualified guides. Our leaders of touristic events organize treks:

  1. in a long distance – Siberian journeys, and mountain areas of the Earth;

  2. 2-4 days walking trips in the Ural mountains, caves, lakes; weekend hikes in Ekaterinburg vicinities and meetings and events in the city;

  3. camping;

Besides, events are organized with elements of therapy, sport, educational and activities for children; and also there is Mongolian yurt nearby the Chusovaya river.

We compose for you harmonious schedule of events on the whole year. This schedule is based on our wide experience and good knowledge of touristic locations and its local nature. Traveling with us you visit natural sights in the best time. In any season of a year you can take a part in attractive held outdoors.

“New Nomads“ all the time develops new touristic routes. Our tours full of beloved traditional events, which are organized each year but some of them are realized once in every three years. Those journeys are special and are realized on particular places in the best time of a year to attend interesting attractions and camp with activities.

the club “New Nomads” is stated in Ekaterinburg and its Team rapidly enlarges. Tourists from all parts of Russia and the Near Abroad are going with us. Most of all our events are opened for beginners. For taking part in difficult treks participants involves special training to take a part in sport events.

We work with wide spector of people: for whom having a rest outdoors is a one of many ways of spending spare time, given to us modern civilization, and for whom tourism is a lifestyle. We have traditional events - activities, which are organized each year in favorite places. We have 100 well-composed weekend hikes in vicinities nearby Ekaterinburg, 50 treks across the Northern, Central and the South Ural. Siberian expeditions and abroad journeys are unique and unrepeated events. That is why for constant participants of our events it`s an opportunity to travel many years.

Main feature of “New Nomads“ is that walking tour for us is more than just visiting beautiful places with good people. We aspire to make various our camp life as much as it possible (“summer it is a small life”). So we organize many different activities in usual tours. You can find active games and disco; a healthy lifestyle followers can join to gymnastics of different systems of reabilitation and healthcare; and they also can join to Russian travel bath-house; for fans of extreme practices we have many types of cold trainings, jumping through the fire and walking barefoot on coals, respiratory practices; for sportsmen and -women are organized a route march, fighting’s, valiant amusements;
who engaged in personal development and folklore are arranged lections about folk customs, natives` culture of inhabited places that we are going to visit, different practices and meditations.

We hold our events out of any religious or ideological context. Taking part in our events, you are not obligated to share views of organizers or be participants of activities. If you just would like to visit beautiful places we are glad to see you in our tours. We keep up atmosphere of consciousness and healthy lifestyle (alcohol is strictly forbidden and smoking can be only out of group, camp or tour track )

The Travel club “New Nomads” established as a new direction of the travel club “ Ural tracks” in 2011 and became independent travel club in 2014. Its founder is Pavel Dobryak, - one of its creators and director of previous travel club. He is the head of 22 long distance treks and a hundred of small events, the author of numerous developments in the sphere of leisure outdoors and tourism philosophy, considering travelers as “new nomads”.

We named travel club “New Nomads” as we see that there passed times when nomadic lifestyle considered as something archaic and outdated. To new nomads in modern world are belonged financiers who moved in a trace for finance; guest workers who searching for profitable work on new places; scientists who moved between scientific labs and so on. To new nomads are referred tourists to whom traveling is important part of life. Be a New Nomad with us!

weekend hikes

Weekend hiking - usually is walking tour nearby Ekaterinburg or in Middle Ural with timeframe one day or weekend. We walk about 5 to 45 km (more than 30 km walking tours for prepared participants, for parents with children usually 15 km ). Travel club New Nomads elaborated about hundred treks (Ekaterinburg is the unique city, around it so many places for weekend hiking ) there are many mobile games, reabilitation gymnastics, swimming and cold trainings In our tour.

Tour participants have to take money for passage, some food and water, extra socks and gloves. to be ware in comfortable shoes, in winter time - are needed travel overboots. If you are going to visit caves you have to have flash-light with extra batteries and extra clothes. ( the list of outfit)

trek areas:

On a train: area between Shalinsky and Tagilsky direction is full of rocks, river Chusovaya in region Kourovky, rapid of the river Revun and Smolinskaya cave.

On a bus: natural park Bajovskye places (Sysert, Polevskoy), Dyakteyarsk.

On a ordered transport and or a personal cur: natural park Oleni ruchi, Shemahansky caves, Alikaev stone, Sugomak and Egaza, Ikul and Arakul lakes, Chernoistochnik`s area.

Especial views could be seen in one-day tours in mounts of South Ural. (We leave Ekaterinburg in Friday in the evening. Those night we move to the "place", then climbing. Returning to Ekaterinburg at night from Saturday to Sunday). In that schedule could be visited natural park Taganaii and Zuratcul, Iremel, Urengu.